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Welcome to All 4 God

Read about the new face of Christianity here.

Our God is an Awesome God

His grace is more than I deserve and His fellowship
brings joy to my heart every day.

Psalm 145:6 And men shall speak of the might of Your awesome works;
and I will declare Your greatness.



Poems from the heart by Les Oxnam



More Poems
Every Morning

Every morning when I wake I am aware of you
Your love fills my very being with purpose
I can't help but respond to you with love
Love that you have birthed in me and caused to grow

Your peace floods my life because I trust you
You are faithful and true in all things
I walk with confidence because you are there
You watch over and care for me

Joy wells up in my heart when I think of you
I can't help but sing the praises of my God
Who is like you?
No-one can compare with you in any way

During the times of trouble you are there
You watch over me and help me to endure
When I fall down you are there to pick me up
Your grace is boundless and I thank you

And when the trials and temptations are over
You are there to encourage and restore
You guide me according to your perfect plan
And the new is better than the old

The love I have for you grows so much
My heart responds to all that is You
You are the love of my life, my desire
And I give myself to you whole heartedly


Beautiful Saviour

Jesus, you are Holy
You sit at the right hand of the Father
Rightly you have received all honour
Lord of Lords and King of Kings
Highly exalted are you

Word of God, Creator
You gave your all for us
Conceived by the Spirit
Born of a virgin
The Word of God as flesh

Love and compassion
Grace and mercy
All things good and true
You gave all to man
And taught of our God
In return they crucified you

Wonderful Redeemer
Door to the Father
Saviour divine
Lamb of God
Sent to the slaughter
So horrific and cruel

Yet you did this for me
That I might find
A new life so true
The old left behind
You rose from the dead
To show me the way
A great debt I owe you
Unable to repay

Risen Lord, Wonderful Saviour
I give my all to you
I reach out to you
To touch the hem of your garment
Your virtue it flows so true
All of my days
All of my life
I surrender them all to you


To Know You

How beautiful it is to know You
As I still my heart before You
And Your awesome love surrounds me
I am lost in the depths of Your love

There is nowhere I would rather be
Than in the Presence of my God
I love you with all my heart
And I live for you only

Each day is precious because You are there
You show interest in everything I do
And everything I do, I do with You
I am devoted to You, Lover of my soul

You took this life of ruin
And your grace showed me love
How beautiful it is to know You
How wonderful the love we share

You loved me enough to teach me
To chasten me when I did wrong
To encourage me along the way
To set boundaries to keep me safe

And now my heart sings to You
Love and appreciation I give to you
From the depths of my very being
My heart cries out to You, I love you!


Poured Out

I have no alabaster jar
Filled with precious oil
But that which I have
I pour out to you
Wonderful precious Lord

I anoint you with worship
With tears falling down
With a heart full of gratitude
My life, laying down
Before the Lamb of God

I anoint you with love
Appreciation too
Nothing I can give
Is too wonderful for you
Awesome Prince of Peace

I anoint you with singing
From a heart of gratitude
Adoration pouring out
Of this vessel given to you
Beautiful Friend of mine

I anoint you with my all
A human sacrifice
Counted as dead to self
That Christ may arise
Saviour to the world

I anoint you with my days
Poured out for You
Tears of joy fill my eyes
I'm so in love with You
Risen Word of God



Harrowing defeat
Destruction of soul
Piteous sorrow
No sight of a goal

Desperation in plight
Anxiety controlled
Caused me to seek
For answers untold

Hidden from sight
Yet the touch is so real
When to my God
I did appeal

The gnarly cross
Of shame and defeat
Carried my Saviour
Jesus, elite

He rose from the dead
Conquering shame
Now takes our hand
We too, live again

Once burdened with shame
And a hideous past
This wonderful Saviour
Frees us at last

Life is now new
The old gone away
A miracle for which
I give thanks every day

Life now so precious
My soul does rejoice
I know who I am
With Jesus, my choice


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